Arisem - Référence Thales

Intelligence and text-mining
Arisem, a Thales company, designs information intelligence and text-mining solutions for : 

  • open source intelligence
  • web intelligence
  • competitive intelligence
  • text mining
  • text analytics
  • semantic analysis

Discover the ARISEM technologies for information intelligence:


KIM - Information Intelligence

Open source intelligence, Web intelligence, competitive intelligence

  • Advanced Web crawling (Web sites, RSS, blog, forum, news, online database…)
  • Multilingual semantic search
  • Automatic categorization and alerts
  • Text mining (automatic entity extraction)
  • Sentiment analysis (spy ops, online reputation, brand management)
  • Dashboard and information monitoring
  • Publication and report generation
  • Provided by ARISEM, a Thales company

KIM: User Interface

Specialized in collecting, managing and exploiting information to reveal actionable intelligence.
Using information collected from Web, blog, RSS, forums, internal sources, Kim software, to produce automatic information categorization, semantic searches and alerts, text analysis, text mining information discovery and sentiment analysis functions.

KIM: Interface

Kim enhances your responsiveness, accelerates your decision making and improves your productivity.
It uses advanced Web crawler, embedded text analytic functions (semantic, text-mining, sentiment mining…) to transform collected information into actionable decisions.


Text Mining

Text Mining

ARISEM Technology for Microsoft SharePoint®/Intelligence

Text mining, text analytics, semantic analysis

  • Delivers "intelligent" data access for government analysts and users
  • Improves processing capabilities of research teams and collaboration across agencies
  • Optimizes analyst's work by turning key elements of unstructured text into visual text extraction
  • Analyzes on the fly over billion existing and new documents
  • Software plug-in for Microsoft SharePoint®
  • Ready to use semantic search interface
  • Cross and multilingual access to a document
  • Webparts for faceted navigation
  • Webparts for text mining extraction (people, location, organization, date...)
  • Sentiment analysis

Text Mining - User Interface

This easily deployed TEXT MINING software plug-in unlocks content within Microsoft SharePoint®.
It makes end-users more productive in accessing relevant information and IT departments more effective in leveraging enterprise content assets.
This software automatically extracts meaningful information (people, location, organization, date...) from documents stored in Microsoft SharePoint® to generate rich metadata.

Text Mining - Document Analysis

ARISEM Technology for Microsoft SharePoint® opens new perspectives for content management, analysis and discovery, notably:

  • Open Source INTelligence (OSINT)
  • DOCument and media EXploitation (DOCEX)
  • E-mail message analysis
  • Terrorist and money laundering watch lists

Markets Covered

  • Defence
  • Security

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